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Burgundy cooking Class

Cooking class in Beaune at a chef's 'Atelier' 
Available by reservation on Wednesdays and Saturdays - 10 am to 4 pm
Class size is limited to 10 * -  From $530 per person.
Accommodation package with cooking class available on request.
Market Tour And Cooking Class

Our A Day in Burgundy program is a full day of exploring, cooking, and tasting designed to introduce guests to the delightful gastronomic culture of the region. The day includes a visit to some of our favorite artisan food shops or a morning Beaune market tour, a hands-on cooking class in our Atelier kitchen, a Champagne apéritif followed by a seven-course lunch including a local cheese course, and wine pairings hand-selected from our wine shop.
On Wednesdays, we’ll begin the morning in front of Hess, our favorite fromagerie in the center of town, to select local cheeses and then wander down the street to visit our local artisan butcher for the day's main course. 
On Saturdays, market days in Beaune, we'll meet in front of Hess before exploring the Beaune farmer’s market. Each morning, we'll spend time chatting with our favorite artisan food producers and gathering provisions for lunch, before winding our way back to the Atelier.
In our Atelier teaching kitchen, everyone will don an apron, standing behind their cutting board as we talk through the day’s menu. We will explain and demonstrate the classic French culinary techniques used in each recipe, from sautéing to searing to sauce-making, and then everyone will get to work prepping the ingredients and participating in the hands-on cooking class.
Once the cooking is done, aprons will come off, and we’ll head up to the airy third-floor dining room for a leisurely lunch. A zinc-topped table will be set for lunch in simple French fashion, next to a wall of windows overlooking the atrium below. We’ll light the candles and fill the Champagne flutes, and toast one another for a good day’s work. After everyone finds a seat, we’ll pour the wine and bring up the first course. The menu is constantly changing, depending on the season, and is always full of new surprises from our favorite artisan food producers and from The Cook's Atelier kitchen potager. All instruction is in English.  
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