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Are you considering a Peugeot, Citroen or Renault? 
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The 2020 car lease deals are hereTHE 2020 EARLY BIRD DEALS ARE OUT!

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  • - 15 FREE days on the Peugeot 3008, Citroen C5 & DS7
  • - 12 FREE days on all other vehicles
  • - FREE delivery & drop off fees in and outside FRANCE 


Car leasing in Europe is the most comprehensive self-drive package. Leasing a Citroen, Peugeot or Renault is the best solution for Australians wanting to do a self-drive holiday exploring Europe for between 21-170 days. You get a brand new, fully insured with NIL excess, tax-free lease model of your choice and 24-hour assistance. The cars can be driven through 38 countries in Europe and the UK. ALL vehicles are fitted with GPS, "a marriage saver".

Exploring France is definitely one of the highlights of travelling around Europe. Avoid the crowds and get to know the real France. From Paris to Nice or Biarritz to Strasbourg, you're guaranteed to find sleepy villages, rich culture, and stunning scenery. Driving in the French countryside is a pleasurable and relaxing experience where you'll meet lots of friendly people and return home with many wonderful memories to cherish. Drive Europe in confidence with one of our Car Leasing suppliers!

We cover the entire network of transport in Europe.

The logistics are perhaps one of the most important parts of your planning to allow a smooth and wonderful experience for your travels within France. This is when our expertise is at the most valuable, so feel free to call us to discuss your plans on 1300 302 623.


  • Receive a brand new car
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • 32 European Delivery & Return Centers
  • Full insurance with NIL excess to pay

The car leasing scheme offers a hassle-free, flexible, cost-effective driving holiday package with the comfort of an extensive fleet of brand new vehicles to choose from. Call 1300 302 623 to discuss our current offers or email your request 


Europe Car leases are available in the following countries: France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands.

Leasing a PEUGEOT, RENAULT or CITROEN car, either long or short term is easy and makes travelling around Europe, a unique holiday experience. Holidaymakers can visit a multitude of countries, each with their own cultures and traditions, delicious cuisines and national landmarks.

Car leasing is the best self-drive alternative to long-term car rental throughout France or  Europe.
The new car you receive is fully insured with NO excess being undoubtedly a highlight, and covering most European countries! 
This tax-free programme endorsed by the French government makes it great value for tourists wanting a self-drive European holiday.

What you need to know

- You can lease a car from 21 days up to 165 days in a pickup outside France and 175 Day if pick-up and drop off in France.
- You must be over 25 and have a full driving license
- There is no pickup and drop off fees in France.
- You must have an international driver's license when driving in Europe. 

What Models of Car are Available?

There are 3 companies to lease from in Europe, and these are; Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. Customers can choose from many models of cars available at the time of booking. Most models are manual drive, rather than automatic. There is also a choice of diesel or petrol models. Diesel in most European countries works out at approximately 20% cheaper, so there is more opportunity to save money here.
These three companies offer an immense variety of vehicles, making choosing the best model, an overwhelming experience. UDrive takes the hassle from our customers and compares rates of these three companies to suit your needs.

Why Book Your Car leasing in FRANCE AT LEISURE

  • We have been an official Australian Car Lease distributor for over 18 years. 
  • As experts for French Travel, we can assist you in designing a tailored itinerary.
  • We have access to instant availability with the best deals available. We dare you to compare!
  • BONUS - You will receive with every car lease booked a Bonus offer of $200 discount on our Paris apartment rentals + 20% OFF our comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Call us on 1300 302 623 for more information or email your request today.

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 For all inquiries with your booking email one of our French travel experts or call us 1300 302 623 to discuss your needs.

We recommend booking early to guarantee the vehicle of your choice! 

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