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By Catriona Rowntree, The 'Queen of Travel' in Australia

Book launch Mach 1, Noosa Spring Golf & Spa Resort at 9.00a.m. 

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We are delighted to announce that, Catriona Rowntree's new book The Best of World Cruising will be launched at the NOOSA CRUISE EXPO on March 1, at 9.00am at Noosa Spring Golf & Spa Resort. Secure your FREE ticket today!

Catriona Rowntree has been travelling the world for the last 23 years as the host of Getaway. In The Best of World Cruising, she turns her attention to the sea, sharing her favourite trips by water.
The cruise market is in growth mode, and in 2016 Australian cruise passengers produced the biggest growth rate in the world. Yet, up until now there hasn’t been a cruise guidebook specifically for Australian and New Zealand travellers. The Best of World Cruising is Catriona’s curated list of the top 40 ocean and river cruise destinations around the world from sailing the sun-soaked islands of Croatia, to gliding through the glaciers of Alaska on a cruise liner, to discovering the epic waterfalls of the Kimberley on an expedition boat. For every destination, there is detailed information on key ports and not-to-be missed attractions, as well as a whole host of travel tips such as when to go, what to pack and whether this cruise is really for you.
All advice is delivered in Catriona’s charming and vivacious style, accompanied by glorious photography to spark your nautical wanderlust. In cases where Catriona has not personally visited a region, she has called on fellow cruise lovers to share their travel advice, including Livinia Nixon and Gabriel Gaté. There are also a number of ‘Captains of Industry’ interviews with Sir Richard Branson and other travel and cruising experts.
So whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or just starting to consider booking your first cruising holiday, let Catriona fill you in on everything you should know before stepping on board.

COME AND MEET Catriona in person! 

Yes! Catriona Rowntree, the ‘Queen of Travel’ in Australia is coming to launch her new book, “The Best of WORLD CRUISING” at this event.
Come and join us and listen to Catriona’s extraordinary travel expertise, her life and all about her new book on cruising the world. 
Catriona will open the Noosa Cruise Expo at the Noosa Spring Golf & Spa resort at 9.00am with her presentation at 9.30am. Catriona will answer all your cruise queries followed by a meet & greet.  
Seats are limited, so JUMP ON BOARD and register now to attend the Noosa Cruise Expo and advise if you will attend Catriona’s book launch! 
A great event to bring your friends for a coffee.  For more details call Christian Blondeau on 1300 302 623.

Catriona Rowntree is a household name and has earned the title of ‘Australia’s Most Travelled Woman’, after more than 23 years at the helm of Channel Nine’s Getaway. Born into a long line of chatterboxes on Sydney’s North Shore, Catriona has spent her life on the road, sharing stories from around the world, inspiring people to travel and generally talking her head off. It was all going swimmingly until Catriona accidentally fell in love with a sheep and grain farmer from Victoria; he is very handsome – she had no say in the matter. Somehow in the blink of an eye, her two sons were born, Andrew and Charlie. They also talk a lot and thankfully love to travel with their mum.
Catriona combines her travels with community work, notably as the Patron of The Arnotts Foundation, supporting AWI and Merino Wool, ambassadorial work with Naturesway Vitamins, Travel Card travel insurance and her own travel website, Journeys To Come. Catriona loves gardening; even though her husband believes she has a talent for bringing plants home to die, she is determined to turn her patch of the world into a slice of Provence with a dollop of Tuscany thrown in.
Catriona has published two other books – Catriona’s Australia: 100 of My Favourite Aussie Locations and A Grandmother’s Wisdom. You will often find her in random parts of the world and she is always up for a chat.

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